BBQ by Cholakov-Gongalov Architects

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Relaxation never enough! I just thought about it when I saw these beautiful renders coming from Cholakov – Gongalov Architects. Great design and lots of details make a great atmosphere in this project. These great  exterior and the interior renders  you can view in the gallery below. Thanks to these kindly people for the given renders!! All about Cholakov-Gongalov Architects can look at this link :

Interior design, landscape design and renderings: Cholakov-Gongalov Architects

Post gallery:

02.BBQ_Sunset-mood_far     03.BBQ-sunset-mood-pool-close-up     04.BBQ_bath-towel-close-up     07.BBQ_View-00-far     15.BBQ_View01     01.BBQ_View06_PhotoShot_focused     14.BBQ_View_magazines_focused     13.BBQ_Close-up-magazine     12.BBQ_View04     11.BBQ_View03     10.BBQ_v3_View02_fire     09.BBQ_View05     08.BBQ_Close-up2     06.BBQ_night_View02     05.BBQ_night_View01


About  Cholakov-Gongalov Architects:

CHOLAKOV-GONGALOV ARCHITECTS founded in 2012 by m. arch. Viktor Cholakov and land. arch. Dimitar Gongalov, is a boutique architectural studio operating in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our main mission is to conduct the communication with our clients in a way that allows them to know in advance what will be the results of our collaborative work. We aim to involve the clients throughout the creative process and to translate their vision into well-structured designs. The quality of our work is guaranteed by our professionalism and 8-year experience in the sphere of architecture, landscape design, urban planning and computer graphics and renderings.


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