Fray León Building: Jorge Figueroa + Asociados

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Hello everyone! The best recommendation to look at this interesting architectural visualization designed by Sachin Mahajan . This talented architectural visualization artist says about his work:

Fray León Building by Jorge Figueroa + Asociados is a personal project I did with my friend Muvin Basha. While Muvin took care of all modeling work I did everything else. This project  was bit tricky to visualize because it’s consists of box architecture and its bit difficult to make boxes look interesting.  I tried my best to visualize the house in best possible way.

Thanks Sachin Mahajan for this excellent renderes!!

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about Sachin Mahajan :

My name is Sachin Mahajan and I am a Architectural Visualization Artist from India. I am basically a web and graphic designer. I started to take interest in 3D Visualization 3 years back. Back then I started working on Acer laptop which had only 1 GB ram and a very low end processor. As you can imagine I couldn’t do much on it. After a while I got my new i7 Laptop with 8 GB ram. This allowed me to progress more in 3D. I started doing personal projects to improve my skills, learning something new with every project that I came across. Learning process is still going on, with a new PC I expect to improve the quality of my renders. I believe that one should never be satisfied with their render quality. There is always a chance for improvement.

  • kupfer

    Very good work!

  • Miralem Kruho

    I agree that this is a great job done. I have seen other works by this guy and look great. I hope that we will soon find a place in to publish more of his works.

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