Lagoa – 3D Rendering Engine Based in the Cloud

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Have you ever thought that you will be required to render only a browser ? ? I’m not … but the situation in CG technology is changing day by day.  A few days ago I received a promotional e-mail company that offers Lagoa render service based in the cloud . I registered a free account and was surprised possibilities Lagoa render engine . All the time I was a little strange when ‘ll understand that you’re spinning your model in a 3D interface online …..Results ? ? Speed ​​, quality , ease of use … more than expected. There is no doubt that the Lagoa system promises much in the future . The advantages of this service is that there is no expensive software , no expensive hardware, directly control the lights and materials  and his majesty ” Free Account ” ;). All this leaves us to think in which direction it will develop the software for rendering in the future . With all these data, the question of data security and availability of reliable services based in the cloud ? We hope to get many answers in the upcoming LIVE webinar on May. 27th organized Lagoa and .

At the link below you can read more and register for this event :

Lagoa and LIVE Webinar on Nov. 27th!

Check out the gallery below made ​​in Lago render engine:

 Lagoa renders gallery:


At the link below you can see  free quality  scenes for 3Ds max:







I would ask you if you read this article to leave your opinion in the comments . Thank you !



  1. I want to register my self, pls send me details.
    Thanks a lot.

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