Making of “Apartment” by Kframe

Hi everyone! These interesting interior renderings come from Kframe team. The company based in Lebanon, with considerable experience in architectural visualization. I hope you will agree with me that it is a great work. Thanks a lot to Kframe team and Sleiman Sbeih for this useful content. These friendly guys have done a great job and made ​​an explanation of their work in the “making of” section.

About project:

The project was commissioned by a well renowned company in Lebanon called “HGroup Architects” runned by “Samir Hakim” who were the master minds behind the concept. We handled there ideas and designs carefully and we managed to create these great visuals that where wildly accepted through the CG community,  therefor it was featured. In the front page of the evermotion website also was selected as people’s choice in I think we did a good job with this and we hope that you like and appreciate the making of.

4-Scene two close up

Scene two closeup


About author:

Kframe is a newly established company based in Lebanon that provides the following services:-Motion Graphics: Animation, Character animation, TV Identity, Advertising.-Architectural Visualization: Interior, Exterior, Walk through.


FB site:

Tel: +961 71 442649

Beirut, Lebanon


HGroup Architects contact:


Tel: +961 1 974144

Mob: +961 3 245598


Beirut, Lebanon

Making of:

These were the furniture selection asked by the client, along with the cad files ofcourse.



Each of them was modeled accordingly and same was taken from evermotion also from Model+Model other where modeled.


This is the build setup for my scene. I modeled the walls and everything as specified.


Environment lighting:

I used planes outside the apartment and applied a vray light material with a texture inside, and thats it. I didnt use Vray sun, not target light or even planes to project environment lighting. I only used planes and tweaked my cam.

Material used:


Texture inside the material:



Some of materials I used, nothing complex.

Ceramic tiles:

material ceramic tiles

Wooden wall:

material wood wall


material mahagony

Lighting setup:

Other than the environment light I explained earlier.

Spot light:

setup spot lights

Vray sphere light:

setup vray sphere light

These were the main light setup I placed and as you can see its not complex and straight forward.

Camera settings:

setup vray camera

Mainly all the camera setup are the same except for minor differences in the f stop and the lens.

Render settings:

vray render settings

Some final renders:

1-Final scene 1

2-Cam two final

I hope that this tutorial was helpful.

Post Gallery:

2-Cam two final     1-Final scene 1     Scene two closeup     4-Scene two close up     3-Final scene 1 close up

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